Company Formation in Dubai

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Company formation in Dubai

Company formation in Dubai

As it is a known fact that Dubai is the commercial state of UAE; therefore, Company formation in Dubai is the dream of every creative minded person or any expat. Dubai is famous for being fast emerging state of the UAE. Now a days Dubai is a main business center; and is also a good place for utilization of capital; investors are looking forward for their investment being made for Company formation in Dubai; because of tax free facility; its good economy, and adaptable structure; as well as numbers of free trade zone.

Keeping also this situation in mind; starting your own business can be a great achievement in your life; because everyone wants to get rid of his boss to serve their skill for themselves; and also free from orders of others and adopt their own life style. So opening your own business means work for yourself; and do what you want in life.

At this time let me say one important fact; which is about the Company formation in Dubai; because most of the people are ignoring this fact at the time of starting business; as a result their business fail before it start; that is before entry to start a business you need to get some time and consult business consultant; that is for guideline and asking a few important questions regarding company formation in Dubai.

Important question about Company formation in Dubai

At the beginning of business some questions rising in mind, however, we need to focus on a few thing; that a person making  a company in Dubai is fit for doing so or otherwise; in this connection, we need to ask some questions;

  • Are you ready to work for yourself?
  • What kind of business should you start?
  • Do you know the entire procedure of Company formation in Dubai?
  • What do you have to know before starting a business in Dubai?
  • Whether your activity is suitable for local market; or for one of the free trade zone?
  • What class of skill and also ability you need to have to start a business?
  • Do you know my business activity and business structure?
  • What is your target market?
  • How would you choose a business name?
  • What is your target income which my business will make?
  • Do you have a Business plan?

The above questions are not the only to be answered; but these are the basic guide line for doing any business which you are going to start. Being a business consultant we advise our client to think a lot before the start of the intended business; in the light of the mention questions and then answer them keeping in view the kind of business setup.

Kinds of Company formation in Dubai

There are three main spaces/ areas where we can make arrangement for business in Dubai. One is mainland area and second is free trade zone and third is offshore business.  For Dubai mainland company setup we need a resident sponsor or a local service agent; whereas Company formation in Dubai free zone an expat can hold 100% share of his business; and there is no need of acquiring sponsorship of local person. Option wise detail is as under:

  1. Company formation in Dubai free zone
  2. Mainland Company formation
  3. Offshore company formation

Company formation in Dubai free zone

Firstly; Dubai free zone is the best choice for an opener.  It is an alternative option of business activity in Dubai main land. It is a cost effective option for those who is looking only to get a physical presence in Dubai. Or for those who has an international business and want to control it from Dubai. The main beauty of Company formation in Dubai free zone; is that it does not requires a local sponsor. Expat can get 100% of share of his business. It is also exempt from customs duty, exports duty and are also free of any levies in free zones.

Dubai Internet City (DIC), Dubai South free zone (DWC free zone); (DMC free zone) Dubai Media City free zone; Dubai Airport Free zone (DAFZA free zone), Dubai Knowledge Village; JLT free zone, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC free zone); Dubai Silicon Oasis free zone (DSO free zone); Dubai Outsource Zone and DMCC free zone are the most recommended and popular free zones in UAE.

Benefits of Dubai Free Zone

  • First of all in the first place; Company formation in Dubai free zone will offer 100% Ownership
  • Also Setup Business in Dubai free zone will allows 100% Secrecy
  • Company formation in Dubai free zone can be setup by only one individual
  • You can do international business through Company formation in Dubai free zone
  • Let me tell you one more thing of Dubai free trade zone; that is, free trade zone are 100% Tax free.
  • And the most key point of free trade zone is that; it also allow to open bank account in Dubai
  • Company formation in Dubai free zone can perform multiple activities

Company formation in Dubai Mainland

First of all first it is to remember that every main land company requires an office in Dubai. Second thing which you need to obtain is the sponsorship; that is of a local emirate sponsor to setup your company in Dubai main land. All new company formation under DED local partner will hold 51% of the shares. An emigrant will only own the remaining 49%. However, through a MOU; these terms can be adjusted to full fill the expat purposes.

In some business activity expat can hold 100% share of the company; but still expat need to hire a local resident to setup his business. For example in the case of a professional activity; a local service agent is required which will be a silent partner in the business; So it means he will act as a local agent; and has no involvement in the company’s business operations, management or profit sharing. Company formation in mainland requires at least 2 and maximum of 50 partners. In Dubai main land an expat can carry on any type of business; except, the banking correspondence of an investment as well as insurance.

Advantages of Dubai company

  • Firstly; Dubai Company has no currency restrictions
  • Company formation in Dubai has flexibility to rent office anywhere
  • 100% repatriation of capital as well as profits
  • It requires zero capitals. I think this is also a main point about Company formation in Dubai.
  • It also has no mandatory year wise audit.
  • You can shift your business from one place to another in Dubai
  • It is 100% tax free.
  • It has no limits to get employment visas. Due to this expat love about Dubai main land company.
  • Also it is allow to conduct business in Dubai local market
  • Wide range of license types as well as wide range of activities available for Company formation in Dubai.
  • Dubai main land has simple set up process.
  • Only practical option for many types of business.

Company formation in Dubai cost

Trade Name Approval as well as Reservation. 660
Initial approval fee. 310
Licensing fee. 10,000
Local Sponsor Fee. 8000
Labor Card Fee. 2,500
Immigration card fee. 1000
also a RERA fee. 200
PO Box as well as Company Stamp Fee. 900
Court Fee. 1500

Offshore Company

The 3rd option is an offshore Company. Every person as well as a corporate can open an offshore company in Dubai. Offshore company is also known as a non-resident company and can be used for various purposes. It can also be used like as a holding company to hold shares in other companies in other areas. It is also use to hold trademarks, copyrights and other IP rights; as well as it is also use for licensing of franchise.

Company formation consultants in Dubai

We are business setup consultants in Dubai. And provide company formation services in Dubai and also in other emirates. We also advise our client on the legal structure of the business in Dubai. We also evaluate each and every inquiry and provide free initial consultation to the best of our knowledge. The process of business set up is not as simple as it looks like. You need to spend some time take a visit to our office; but first book a consultant for meeting to guide you in the process.

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