Hamriyah company formation

By | March 4, 2020
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Hamriyah company formation

Hamriyah company formation

There are few numbers of free trade zones exist in most of the state of UAE except Dubai. But now, most of those other emirates of UAE also are giving importance to free trade zone. For this purpose, every state is not only in the process of increasing the number; but also the standard of those free trade zones. An example in this respect is that the emirate of Sharjah. This emirate has the 3rd largest number of free trade zone after Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Out of these free trade zones in Sharjah, the most vital and most important one is Hamriyah free zone (HFZ); and Hamriyah company formation is one of the fastest in the UAE free zone company formation.

Hamriyah free zone is not only the most important free trade zone in Sharjah; but it is one of the fast, and the 2nd largest in UAE after JAFZA. Most of the free trade zone in UAE is focus on one business. But Hamriyah is one among those free trade zones that offer opportunities for several industries.

This free trade zone in Sharjah is split into various zones. These are Hamriyah SME zone, Hamriyah Logistic Village and Hamriyah MB Zone. All these zones provide opportunities for the Hamriyah company formation of varied kinds. Another important feature of this free trade zone is that it is on a strategic location within the UAE.

Hamriyah company formation

One of the main factors that give an edge to Hamriyah free trade zone; that is, cost effective company setup in UAE free trade zone. It means one can establish a business at a comparatively lower cost and obtain same benefits; that are available in most of the other free zones in UAE. Thanks to wide business opportunities and low cost; Hamriyah company formation is particularly feasible for SMEs as well as micro businesses. Aside from that, large industries also are sponsors due to the supply of warehouses.

The two main sorts of company set up in HFZ; are free trade zone establishment (FZE) and free trade zone Company (FZC). For both these company structures, the minimum capital requirement is AED 150,000. But if you are looking to setup a branch of local or international company; then there is no need of share capital.

Company Formation Cost in HFZ

In order to get an idea of the cost of the Hamriyah company formation; it is compulsory to know the types of offices and facilities obtainable here. HFZ is providing several types of packages for Hamriyah company formation; according to the type of business. Company formation cost primarily depends on the selection of these packages.

There are total 5 options that are obtainable for Hamriyah company formation. The costs for all these packages are different and are further divide into various sub-packages.

HBC Offices

A company with one shareholder can choose this sort of office. There are 2 packages available during this category. Most of the features are mutual in both these packages. They are available with a commercial service license. With this sort of packages, 3 service activities or trading of up to 3 product categories are allow

The only difference between both these package is that the number of visas one can apply for. The 1st package allow only one visa; with  while the 2nd package allows for 4 visas. There is no need for a bank letter for both of those packages. As there’s little or no difference between these two packages, therefore the difference in cost is additionally marginal.

Executive Office

This is the foremost supreme office available for Hamriyah  company formation. There are 5 sorts of packages available during this sort of office. A crucial difference between these packages is that the size of offices available. These offices are available from 15 m2 to 40 m2 of sizes. Most of the opposite facilities are similar. Minimum extra charges of such offices (without visa cost) are AED 50,000.

E office

There are 3 sorts of packages available for this sort of office. Package 1 can only available for a free zone company (FZC) with 2 to 4 shareholders. In this package you are allows to practice only 3 service activities or 3 trading product category.
The 2nd and 3rd packages are available for FZE (with single shareholder) as well as FZC (2-4 shareholders); and also for a branch. 5 services or products alongside 6 visas are allow in package 2. General trading as well as investment alongside 7 visas is available with package 3.
The cost of those three packages of E office is different according with their features. Package 1 is that the least expensive one while Package 3 is that the highest package for businesses.


Warehouses are available for giant industrial units. Here during this option, one can get several packages consistent with the need of the corporate. There are 3 packages available for warehouses. The sizes of these packages are different while there’s a difference within the sort of facilities available for these packages.
Additional charges for a license, service charge, incorporation fee, and refundable deposit are a minimum of AED 22,500. Warehouses are available from 276 m2 to 614 m2 in sizes. There are a special number of offices and other facilities available in these 3 differing types of warehouse packages.

Prime Industrial Land

If you would like to create your own industrial structure; then for this purpose the land is available in Hamriyah free zone. You will buy plots as prime industrial land from 2,500 m2 in size. This land is out there with a minimum price of AED 30/m2. A hard and fast land lease is out there for the primary 10 years. Investors are allow to develop up to 60% of the plots. Of these factors assist to develop your company on these plots.

Complete details about the final cost of company formation in Hamriyah Free Zone can only be known after taking guidance from a formidable consultancy firm. You can contact us for this purpose.

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